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The first batch was amazing. Thank you for rolling such an amazing tasty blend of a cigar. Great job!

Kenneth Stroh

Best cigar roller and store in Florida!!! Friendly, knowledgeable. Amazing tobaccos and special blends. Tremendous hand-rolled quality. Extremely well priced. Hire RTS to hand roll cigars for your guests at your next party or corporate function!

Steven K.

I met Raul back in 2013, he was making great cigars then, he has only gotten better since, truly a Master Cigar Roller. Keep the great work Raul…

Roberto I.

I have shopped hand rolled cigars from Key West to Orlando, RTS is by far the freshest, consistent and most enjoyable!!!


Excellent hand rolled cigars!

V Man

Best hand rolled puros ever! Been buying from RTS for 10 years

Bill Brady

I cannot stress it enough best cigars period.

Jack Rivera


Amy Gallo

If you love cigars, this place will blow your mind.


good people


Miles Weber

Nothing better than a fresh ground coffee and RTS cigar on my deck on a beautiful morning in south FL. Life is good



Mendel Rice

Omg!! So i am so excited. Just got my Box of double wrapper torpedoes. These are the best Cigars I’ve ever had. All 100% hand rolled from a little gold mine in boca raton. Never have I thought I’d pay less than $160 for a box of premium Cigars. Thank you RTS

Ka Rod
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