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Hand Rolled Cigars, a Cuban tradition in Boca Raton, Florida’s hand Rolled Cigars are an integral part of the life of Raul Triana, Master Tobacco Roller. Being born in Cuba, he spends most of his childhood in close contact with the land, the rich dark tobacco seeds, and the lush green tobacco leaves that produce the world’s finest cigars.

From an early age, Raul saw hand-rolled cigars being made all around him. He knew that one day he would be rolling his own brand of fine cigars.  Arriving in America, Raul set to establish himself as a world-class cigar maker.

Applying the knowledge passed onto him by generations of cigar makers in his family, he has created in the United States a super line of smooth-smoking cigars that rival any other in the world. Beginning with the finest tobacco leaves grown from Cuban Criollo seeds and aged in the Cuban tradition, he carefully selects every batch in order to roll the smoothest cigars possible.

Raul Triana

RTS Founder.

RTS Cigars

About Our Wrappers

Choosing wrappers grown in the shade, under cotton tarps and protected from direct sunlight, and a variety of air cured and fermented filler tobacco leaves taken from the various parts of the plant, he creates the ideal combination of flavors, color, texture and aroma, much like his ancestors in Cuba did since the sixteenth century.

Using the basic tools of his trade: the “Tabla” or wooden block, a couple of “Cortadores” or cutting tools, a “Casquillo” and a Guillotine, Raul relies on his dexterity and experience to create even burning, smooth cigars that have made RTS Cigars renown the world over.

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