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Torpedo 52×6 Super Premium Connecticut Wrapper – Box of 8

Torpedo 52×6 Super Premium Connecticut Wrapper – Box of 8


The Super Premium Blend is the gem of the crown of RTS Cigars.

A mixture of light to medium intensity creates the ideal combination of flavors, color, texture, and aroma of Connecticut Blend for today’s most demanding cigar smokers. With the Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco in the filling, and the exquisite finish of Cuban Cigar Torcedores.

His cigars are all totally made by hand, and many he makes himself. He only uses the best wrappers, binders, and fillers to make these torpedo cigars. As in the traditional Cuban cigar factory, cigars do not leave his factory until he personally inspects them. They are all top premium cigars. That is the only way that Raul knows how to make them.

This Torpedo Super Premium is 6 inches long with a ring gauge of 52 is hand packed in a handcrafted box made with the finest cedar.

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