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 Whatever the special occasion, be it a corporate golf event, bachelor party, or just a small private gathering, Raul Triana and his team of professional cigar rollers will be the perfect added attraction. Watch the masters at work mixed in with a little music, adult beverages and your guests will most certainly have an enjoyable time. Options #1 & #2 blends will be offered at these events in most cigar shapes.

Basic Package

Reserve a Roller Event
$ 400
  • We will provide you with a Cuban Master Roller, so you can see how complex the final process is to make a cigar. A cigar professional will also be provided who will answer any questions about the process of rolling cigars and the uniqueness of our mix. It will also provide cigar cutting and lighting for all your guests. This package does not include cigarettes, but you have the option to buy them at a discounted rate of $ 5 ($ 4 per promotion) from our standard house mix. (Minimum purchase of 50 cigars).

Premium Package

Reserve a Roller Event
$ 500
  • Same as option 1, but also included are 50 cigars (some rolled on site), these cigars will be our standard house blend using tobacco aged 1-2 years and will be of Mild (Connecticut) and Medium (Havana) Wrappers. So we can hand them out to your guest. Usually 1 per, but ultimately it will be your decision how we hand them out. You also have the option of buying additional cigars at a discounted rate of $5 ($4 for promotion).


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